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Bad Words March 25, 2005

Posted by fajita in Uncategorized.

10 Words I find hard to use, but don’t know how not to:

10. Church (The Church)
9. Worship
8. Service (As it relates to church and worship, not as it relates to helping people)
7. Christain
6. Saved
5. Evangelism
4. Evangelical
3. God’s Word
2. Witnessing
1. Truth



1. Brandon Scott - March 25, 2005

For me, it’s the word “moist”, but I digress. Glad you’re here!

2. Keith Brenton - March 26, 2005

I don’t have alternatives for most of ’em. Nothing that would fly in

11. The World

but I was suddenly impressed by the inadvertent misspelling of

7. Christain

and remembered reading, somewhere, that blood doesn’t wash away stains; it causes them. Maybe “Christain” ought to become a Good Word.

3. Rick - March 26, 2005

sad thing that those words have been co-opted. maybe we need klingon translations?

4. MaryAnn M. - March 26, 2005

yes…Rick S.!!
THIS is where we crossed cyberpaths before!!
(I knew it!)


5. Fajita - March 26, 2005


Great pickup on my typo. I wish I had been smart enough to intentionally make that mistake.


Direct me to someone fluent in Klingon and maybe we can make some headway.

6. David U - March 27, 2005

I hate the lingo we use in Sectarian ways…..your #10 for instance. As in “Is he a member of THE church?” I try not to use that phrase anymore, at least in a sectarian way. The one I take the most offense to is “the brotherhood”. Could we be MORE sectarian sounding than that? It sounds like a phrase the KKK might use. Of course there is nothing wrong with the word “brotherhood”, but it’s the way we use it with pride to separate ourselves from other believers that gets to me. I have it a goal to not use that word also…..unless I use it like Peter did in I Peter 2:17 to talk about ALL believers.

7. Fajita - March 27, 2005

Not to mention that “brotherhood” says nothing about the “sisterhood.” No wonder those yayas have so many divine secrets. The brotherhood left them out.

8. TCS - March 28, 2005

Well Chris, you can learn to write and speak Klingon, I remembered seeing this go to http://www.kli.org/

As unbelievable as it is you can translate “The Church” into a language of butt-headed creatures. Oh, that’s cutting.

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