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# 10,000 who are you? May 16, 2005

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If I can figure out who is my 10,000the hit on this blog I will send you a free copy of my book.



1. Greg Newton - May 17, 2005

Did I win??? Does the pop-up mean I am the lucky 10,000th visitor to your blog????

I got rid of my blog counter because it was a demon of modernity which tempted me find my personhood in its little charts (see post of Aug. 19, 2004). I am too steeped in the sin of pride to redeem blog counters for my site.

God bless you with continued to grace to resist the seductive lure of blog statistics.

Chris, truely I am blessed by your blog and will keep visiting – whether I won the book or not!

Gloria tibi, Domine.

2. Fajita - May 17, 2005

Greg, your words mean a lot to me. Thanks. I can’t bring myself to get rid of the counter. I’m so steeped in sin that I don’t even know it.


3. Fajita - May 17, 2005

Oh, by the way, you didn’t win. How’s that for a nice little stick in the eye.

I have a feeling the #10,000 will be late today or early tomorrow.

Keep coming back, you still have a chance at this incredible, once in a lifetime, can’t get it anywhere else, super mega prize.

4. David U - May 17, 2005

I hope I win the prize!


5. TCS - May 17, 2005

If I hit your site repeatedly 49 more times then I get the book!!!!!

just kidding, but what if your number 10,000?

I had a potential client just tell me… “I enjoyed your blog”… YIKES.

6. Fajita - May 17, 2005

TCS, go for it. Also, I have set up my stat counter to ignore me. So I can’t win my own book. Good thing, becasue I still have about 700 of them left.

7. Shane Coffman - May 17, 2005

I win!!!

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