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Coughing Up Mud – A Psalm of Rescue June 9, 2005

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God of Heaven,
Lord of Earth,
You save what you love;
Your hand plunges into the depths,
Into the muck and sludge;
There’s no place you won’t go
To find what you love.

You have found me there many times,
Soaked in filth, coughing up mud;
Cold, alone, dark, hopeless,

And then you cleansed me,
Though stained beyond recognition;
You cleansed me-
Inside and out.
My old clothes were bunred
And now it’s time to shop.

You’ve made everything new;
Warmth, family, light hope.



1. Keith Brenton - June 9, 2005

Yeah. Just … yeah.

2. TCS - June 9, 2005

where is Fanny Crosby when we need a tune! Maybe you can get Sara Groves to set it to music.

3. DJG - June 9, 2005

that muck and sludge=crap!

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