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Name These Babies July 11, 2005

Posted by fajita in Uncategorized.

Below are two babies. Neither of these babies (lists) have names, but they need names. Please help me name these babies.

Baby #1

Sin reduction
Decrease the evil
Being right
Justice = Paying For Sin
Trust is earned
Grace = Forgiveness

Baby #2

Love Proliferation
Increase the good
Being good
Justice = helping the oppressed
Social Justice
Trust is squandered
Grace = Generosity



1. David U - July 11, 2005

Baby # 1 is named “Old School”.

Baby #2 is named “In His Steps”.

Thanks for the challenge.


2. Neal W. - July 11, 2005

1. Old Paths

2. New Journey

3. Steve Jr. - July 11, 2005

1. Baby Pharisee
2. Baby Jesus

4. John Mark Hicks - July 11, 2005

how about….prejorative framing? 🙂

Seriously, some in the first list if framed appropriately are meaningful, and some in the second list are incomplete.

If I identify 2 with Jesus, are there not somethings in 1 that are also in his steps? Is there not some merging of 1 and 2 that is appropriate and more complete, if (of course) we delete some of those particulars in list 1 that are problematic as stated?

5. Fajita - July 11, 2005

John Mark gets the award for reading my mind. List one is not bad or immature and list 2 is not enlightened. What I think is that these babies are fraternal twins of sorts.

If you put the lists side by side you will be tempted to see polar couplets. But temptation should be resisted. They have the same parents, though different they may appear.

6. John Mark Hicks - July 11, 2005

Can you convince my wife that I am mind reader? It would be much appreciated. 🙂

7. Fajita - July 11, 2005

Ha! I am a marriage and family therapist. I am a husband. I am a recovering know-it-all. I know better than that.

8. Steve Duer - July 12, 2005

My first thought when I read them was that they are a reflection of their parents. Neither my son nor my daughter are a perfect reflection of me or my wife, they are a combination.

Baby #1 & Baby #2 both have some of the Father’s qualities. God is complex and we tend to gravitate to one side or the other: Just or Merciful, Rightous or Gracious, Jealous or Forgiving.

There is a passage from Isaiah that captures this juxtaposition of characturistics: Isaiah 40:10-11
10See, the Sovereign LORD comes with power,and his arm rules for him. See, his reward is with him,and his recompense accompanies him.
11 He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.

Coming with power and setting the pace for those with young. He is complete. We are growing in his likeness but are still gazing in a cloudy mirror.

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