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New Stepfamily Blog August 16, 2005

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More Word of God Speak served up Thursday. Series began here.

This is what I am afraid of with the pledge in church.

Ron Deal is a close friend of mine and fellow therapist. He is also the founder of a ministry called, Successful Stepfamilies. The ministry is an excellent tool for stepfamilies and people who help them. He wrote a book called, The Smart Stepfamily, which has been called the best book on the topic.

One day, Ron noticed that I am a blogging freak and asked if I would be able to work with him on getting a blog going that would serve people in stepfamilies and also be a resource for ministers and counselors who work with stepfamilies or have them in their church.

Someone wants me to blog? How could I refuse? So, the Successful Stepfamilies Blog has been launched and is in full swing.

Here is what I would like you to consider:

1. If you are in a stepfamily, check out the Successful Stepfamilies Blog.

2. If you know of someone in a stepfamily, forward this link to them.

3. If you are a minister, then you deal with stepfamilies whether you know it or not. This blog might be informative for you.

4. If you are a minister, I’d love for the Successful Stepfamilies Blog to be linked on your family ministry page or where ever you provide helpful links for your website visitors.

5. Heck, I’d take a link from anyone.

6. If your church is “Stepfamily friendly,” meaning you welcome stepfamilies and have a specific ministry for stepfamilies (support groups, bible classes, etc), please let me know so I can promote those.




1. Ginger - February 17, 2006

I host a stepfaily support group and would like to exchange links.

Check out lifeinablender.com

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