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Harding & Ann Coulter (more) August 23, 2005

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The mushroom cloud is expanding about Harindg paying big buck for Ann Coulter to come and speak, but denies people from our own denomination to speak. Click here to see a list of blogs venting about it. The venting is good, I am sure, but at the same itme, if there are not nice, but firm, letters written and views expressed that way, then everything will stay the same.

I really doubt Dr. Burks and the Board of Trustees (can’t find a link for the list of trustees) are scouring Technorati to find out who is blogging about them. Maybe they are, but still, they need direct communication.

Furthermore, Greg Brooks made a good point in a commnet on my previous post about this topic. It is posted below, but part of the gist of it is that a woman from another denomination can speak about church planting while people from within cannot speak about anything, ever.

Greg also uses the interesting phrase, “it fires my shorts,” in reference to his emotional state concerning this matter. I am more than a little concerned about the fire in my friend’s shorts, but at the same time I am somewhat hesitant to just ask him about this fire. I think I will leave to blogdom to sort out.

Gracia Burnham is going to speak on Sept. 20. Mrs. Burnham and her husband were missionaries in the Philippines; they were taken hostage and her husband was killed. (www.graciaburnham.org)They were missionaries with New Tribes Missions (www.ntm.org). Click on ‘about’ and then on ‘doctrines’. Salvation received by faith apart from works, and ‘believer’s immersion’.

I would love to hear Mrs. Burnham speak. I think she’s an excellent choice. But it fires my shorts that she will speak about her experiences planting churches that were not Churches of Christ. Why can she come and not so many others from within our own fellowship? On the other hand, I have no problem with Ann Coulter coming to Harding. I think it’s very valuable for students (the ones lucky enough to get tickets to these speeches) to be exposed to a variety of viewpoints. That’s why I look foward to Al Franken’s visit in 200hellfrozeover.



1. Greg Brooks - August 23, 2005

“fires my shorts” is not a reference to fire in my shorts, but rather to the firing of my shorts, as out of a cannon.

That, I think, makes even less sense.

Also, 200-hellfrozeover is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the year that Al Franken will come to HU. It’s not a transliteration of the Greek word, “zoohellfrozeover“, which translates (roughly) to “give me the fish of my brother Raoul.”

This is the kind of comment you get when you mention me in a post. Learn from this!

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