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#20,000 gets a free copy of my “bestselling” book September 6, 2005

Posted by fajita in Uncategorized.

I will do my best to monitor who is the #20,000th hit on this blog and send you a book.



1. Matt - September 6, 2005

Hmmm. Right now the hit counter says 19909. Maybe, just MAYBE, if I hit my browser’s refresh button about 91 times…

2. TCS - September 6, 2005

I am cheap enough to actually bounce back and forth to your blog, but as I am at home and only have dial up… it would take about 3 hours so best wishes to the lucky winner.

And thanks for the link, If you know of anyone wanting to go help but not sure where to go, I am coordinating that for several congregations who will then act as staging points.

3. pegc - September 7, 2005

I won the baby pool on Brandon Scott Thomas’ blog. Why couldn’t I win here, too. I will try as I like to read your blog and enjoy what you have to say.

4. JP - September 7, 2005

I will be honest, it was 19,992 and I did what was necessary to enter your site 8 more times brother. ” #20,000 right here. I have probably put 5,000 of that 20,000 with how many times I visit your blog.
JP Manzi

5. Fajita - September 7, 2005

I need the person whose ISP is Comcast through Sicklerville, NJ to e-mail me offline at cgonzaelz@betterlife.org to receive a copy of my book.

6. Fajita - September 7, 2005


That is my real e-mail address. I messed up on the previous comment

7. Keith Brenton - September 7, 2005

Aw, foosball. I missed it by 43. Over. Congratulations, Fajita!

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