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Pray for my Bonehead Brother-in-law September 22, 2005

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Please pray for the safety of my brother-in-law, Kevin, and his family and employees. They live in Pearland, TX. Pearland is a piece of land wedged between Houston and the Gulf Cost. It is in the center of the crosshairs of Rita.

Kevin and his family and his employees are hunkered down at his house and they intend to ride out Rita.

They have been urged by family members to evcuate, but they are not doing it.



1. Phil - September 22, 2005

I thought you meant Brandon from your title.

I’ll pray for your other bonehead brother in law too.

2. TCS - September 22, 2005


3. Brandon Scott - September 22, 2005

Kevin IS a bonehead. What the heck??? Sorry, Murray. Yes, it’s a euphemism. We were so frustrated at them last night? What’s the deal??? I mean it’s a weekend even. Makes me want to drive down there and force them out. However, when I consider Kevin’s size, I must take a deep breath and remember that I value my small life.

Chuck called last night and they were on the road to Austin. He said they looked like the Beverly Hill Billies. They had the boat and everything valuable piled up in the SUV and on top of the boat. He sounded like they were really taking this as an adventure. I pray that’s all it is.

Major prayers over Kevin and Jana.

4. Fajita - September 22, 2005

Phil has some wise insight. The fact that Kevin is a bonehead does not exclude Brandon from that category – in Christian love.

5. Brandon Scott - September 22, 2005

Thanks a lot Faj. Remember…I know where you sleep. And remember…you’ll be under my roof in about 2 weeks. Beware.

6. Fajita - September 22, 2005

Ah, you are one of those worship minister tough guys I hear so much about.

7. Brandon Scott - September 22, 2005

Yeah…I can throw a pitch pie like a num chuk. So watch it, buster.

8. DB Carden - September 22, 2005

pitch pie? That must be tasty. Anyway, tell your bonehead brother-in-law to read the story I wrote on Brandon’s blog about a family in Slidell, LA.

9. Brandon Scott - September 22, 2005

Pitch PIPE, pitch PIIIIIIPE!!!! ARGGGGHHHHHH! It would have been so much funnier.

10. pegc - September 23, 2005

Fortunately, your brother-in-law may be okay.

On the other hand, those of us who left Beaumont may not have anything to go back to. We will only wait and watch and see.

I can’t imagine staying, even though it was very hard for me to leave this time. We have left in other situations but this time, I felt strongly that we will not have anything to go back home to. So, I do understand not wanting to leave.

I pray they are safe and thankful we made it to Arlington safely.

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