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God’s Will? November 1, 2005

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Kyle Lake is dead. One of the names of his books is the following: “Understanding God’s Will” Go figure. What kind of understanding of God’s will comes from publicly dying by electrocution in the baptistry during a baptism? The whole situation is tragic and seems ripe with symbolism, but I just can’t think of anything to say.

May his family and church find peace through the deep grief and sorrow they are going through. May they find ways to mourn.



1. Beaner - November 1, 2005

“Several Baptist pastors have talked about making sure their baptism practices are safe, said David Hardage, executive director of the Waco Baptist Association. But he said the tragedy won’t stop Baptists from completely submersing someone during a baptism.” -Taken from an AP story on this event. If this is hard for Christians to understand, what do you think “normal people” are wondering???

2. SG - November 1, 2005

He just had another book on prayer published this month. INCREDIBLE book. Though I haven’t seen this in print or in the media, the family was told Moday night that he died because the water pump in the baptistry shorted causing him to close the circuit when he touched metal. The same thing could happen in any swimming pool. It was just a freak accident.

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