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Confession of a failed leader #2 November 10, 2005

Posted by fajita in Uncategorized.

11. I canít lead because eventually I will steal from my followers.

12. I canít lead because Iím too proud to ever be wrong.

13. I canít lead because I am rarely able to distinguish the difference between what is right and what I believe.

14. I canít lead because I insist on making clones of myself.

15. I canít lead because I resent people who think everyone should be clones of themselves.

16. I canít lead because I have no idea how to measure risk.

17. I canít lead because, even if I did know how to measure risk, I prefer to let someone else make the hard choices.

18. I canít lead because I hear complaints as personal attacks.

19. I canít lead because I am too busy defending myself.

20. I canít lead because I am too likely to walk away with my reward without regard for what happens to my followers after I am gone.



1. TL - November 11, 2005

Yeah, what you said!

2. Beaner - November 11, 2005

Aren’t you a marriage counselor? I’m reading this post more tongue-in-cheek, but if you’re serious, how does that affect your job?

3. Dusty - November 11, 2005


Thanks for these two posts. Very well said. Leadership is hard for me – which may not be good, since I’m a preacher! What is often overwhelming for me is how long one must lead. Can I give my whole life to this “way of the cross?” Only if Christ is in me.

4. Fajita - November 11, 2005

Beaner, good question. Very good question. It’s not so much tongue and not so much cheek. Perhaps a bit of hyperbole, but not as much as I’d like for it to be.

It does nothing to impact my job. Since it does nothing to my job, I must qualify what I mean by leadership. When I am one on one with people, I do very well. When I am working to lead organizations, all of my worst qualities show up.

So, one might say, “OK dude, you know your limits. Stick to the one-on-one stuff.” I agree as much as I can with that, but I cannot just go all the way with it. Sometimes we must do that which we don’t like or feel inadequate to do.

What I wonder is if my feelings about leadership of an organization is me being a wimp because every leader struggles with the same things or if I am just not good at it. I don’t know.

But as for the counseling – I am more at home in the therapy room than any other place I have been (worwise that is).

5. HolyInheritance - November 11, 2005

regarding #19….

“In my defenselessness, my safety
lies.” (ACIM)

These posts about leadership inadequacy remind me of Moses, asking God,
“Why me, Lord?”

Why not you? If you are depending totally on God, the results are not YOUR responsibility.

6. DJG - November 11, 2005

Hmmmm, I think I need that site for the depressed people……

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