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Post Removed and Reduced December 1, 2005

Posted by fajita in Uncategorized.

I ranted about a certain parade in a certain community at a certain time of year, but I removed the post. Here is my shortened, min-rant.

1. Parades are about fun, community, and appropriate celebration.
2. Parades are not about marketing, celebrating irrelevance, and uncool cars.
3. People in the parade should enjoy themselves.
4. People watching the parade should be able to enjoy themselves.



1. Beaner - December 2, 2005

Parades are about free candy – don’t forget that!

2. ashleigh - December 2, 2005

5. Parades are about making fun of the bad floats and uncool cars and hokey Santa costumes.
6. Parades are about wearing your coveralls and ski masks. Yeah! (At least, it was about that in my hometown.)
7. Parades are about the strange cross-section of people that make up small-town America.

PS. Would you please, please go cover the Old Fashioned Hog Killin’ Festival in Clover Bend this Saturday? Take the kids! Make it a holiday tradition!

3. Fajita - December 2, 2005

Old fashion hog killin’ – yipes. Sounds like a Gentile pagan ritual.

8. Under no circumstance, parades should neer last longer than an hour.

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