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Bad Mental Health Marketing December 7, 2005

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Top 10 Bad Mental Health Marketing Schemes

1. Mental Health Gift Card: Excellent gift for that holiday stress.

2. Multi-Level Marketing: All you need to do is get three more people to counseling, and if they get three and those three get three, then your counseling is free. Beyond that, youre making money.

3. Prepaid Mental Health Services: For only 19.95 per month you can have a counselor ready to meet with within 24 hours, in case you ever have mental health issues.

4. Free Webcam: All sessions stream live on the internet.

5. Friends and Family Network: Discounted therapy for the more people in your network you can get to come to counseling.

6. Buy 1 Get 1: Special deal to eliminate the problem of people coming to only one session.

7. Bulk Discount and Wholesale Counseling: Buy 10 sessions at a 9% discount. Buy 100 Sessions for a 15% discount.

8. Diagnosis Sensitive Fees: Adjustment disorder – $25. Dysthymia – $50. Major Depression $75. Bipolar $100. Borderline Call ahead.

9. Media Ads: Have you ever been unhappy or dissatisfied with any at any point in your life? If so, you might have __________ (fill in with most frightening diagnosis for your area). People with this disorder never get better on their own. You might need intensive psychotherapy from a trained professional who knows much more than you and frankly, this is a person you cannot live without. Not seeing a trained counseling could result in harmful behaviors and in rare cases, death.

10. Cure All Pills: Oh, wait, thats not really funny.

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1. Beaner - December 7, 2005

What do you mean by ‘Bad’? I’d pretty much buy ANY of those!

2. Keith Brenton - December 7, 2005

I have this awful feeling I’m looking at the future of counseling ….

– Guy who is old enough to remember when lawyers advertising on TV was considered to be in abominable taste

3. Beaner - December 8, 2005

BTW – You are now linked on my blog (since I just figured out HOW to do that!!!)

4. Fajita - December 8, 2005

Beaner, Welcome to Fellowship of the Link.

Thanks for the linkage.

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