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Pilgrim of Worship: An Introduction December 14, 2005

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Update: Be # 30,000 and win one of my award winning – er, uhm, a copy of my book.
I grew up going to church. I was baptized as a fetus (my mother was pregnant with me during her baptism). I was later baptized at age 13. I have gone to church all my life. I have gone to Churches of Christ all my life.

Never in my entire 35 years have I been without music by which to worship. Worship is a word in my native tongue – it might be my native tongue. I love to worship. I love to sing. I love to give thanks. I love to appreciate.

Now, this worship pilgrimage has taken quite a few twists and turns over the years. There have been times when I felt dry as desert bone and other times when I felt like I was entering the throne room of God. I have felt humbled with some moments of worship and scandalous with others.

I was challeneged 5 years ago to construct my pilgrimage of worship by a good friend named John Ogren (who really should be blogging). I never did take up his challenge. Now that I have a blog, I am going to do it.

The next few posts will be my journey of worship.



1. Beaner - December 16, 2005

I’m interested int the baptism as a fetus. {If CoC moms have a water birth, does that count as a baptism? It’s full emersion, right?} 😉

2. Fajita - December 16, 2005

LOL! Beaner, you crack me up.

Ah, yes, I recall the womb. It was warm and comfy.

Here’s the thing about water birth, although it is full immersion, it is still infant baptism and clearly a violation of the laws of God. So, as the foremost expert on fetal baptism, I feel confident to speak on infant full immersion baptism as well. It is not OK and rebaptsim is necessary for salvation AND it is probably necessary that a coming forward and publicly confession and repenting the sin of infant baptism is necessary or the rebaptism won’t take.

3. Beaner - December 16, 2005


4. DJG - December 16, 2005

Looking forward to your journey…

5. DJG - December 16, 2005

Not quite # 30,000…

Look, if we have to look at all these ads could you kill the word verification?? My last one was qxylvuxxjrnmopqtz…..or something like that!!

I took mine off, I don’t get spam!

6. k2 - December 16, 2005

i so agree with you on worship! oh how i love to sing God’s praises. i enjoy working in the a/v booth, but that first sunday when i am ‘released’ and able to worship wholely is AWESOME! i miss being able to sing and worship while in the booth. (now don’t get me wrong here with this comment) however, i get so many complements when i work the sound booth. the congregation asks, “i don’t what it is you do back there, but it sure sounds good when you work the booth.” what am i to do with that? do i sacrifice my worship to help others in theirs?

thanks for the post, fajita!

7. Bek - December 16, 2005

looking forward to it. worship is one of my favorite things in the whole world.

8. Mark Elrod - December 17, 2005

You are absolutely right; John Ogren should be blogging.

Actually, I thought he was at one point; maybe I just saw his name on a post somewhere.

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