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2005 BlogCoC Winners Announced January 14, 2006

Posted by fajita in Uncategorized.

Thanks to all of you who nominated and voted in the 2005 BlogCoCs. There were some terrific nominations. Here are the results:

1. In the category of Best Series for a blog, the winner is…Wade Hodges with Emerging Church of Christ.

2. In the category of best blog topic, the winner is…“Church of Christ bloggers help remove Anne Coulter from Harding University’s Speaker Series.”

Congrats to Wade Hodges and you Anne Coulter bloggers. As promised, Wade Hodges is the recipient of a free book of mine. Man, these things are flying off the shelves (because I keep giving them away).



1. TCS - January 14, 2006

{what no consolation prizes?}

2. john alan turner - January 14, 2006

It was an honor just to be nominated.

3. Phil - January 14, 2006

It was an honor to be one of two people voting for me.

4. Wade - January 15, 2006

An honor indeed.

Thanks to all who voted for me, especially my mom.

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