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Fatal Wound Interpretted January 14, 2006

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On Friday I asked you what the song, The Fatal Wound by Switchfoot meant.

OK, this could a little cumbersome, but Iwill give my interpretation of the song next to the lyrics. The lyrics are bold and my interpretation is italics.

I take this song to be an invitation song, really. Let me know what you think of my interpretation.
I am the crisis This is Jesus saying that he is coming and he is not messing around. It is the incarnational love Jesus has that moves him not only to be near us, but to be one of us.
I am the bitter endI am the alpha and the omega.”
I’m gonna gun this down Jesus is not going to leave the job undone. “I will make everything new.”
I am divided The pain of what the incarnation requires is immense and Jesus knows it. “Let this cup pass. Not my will, but your will.”
I am the razor edge I am the one having to make the hard call here. But there is no choice. It mst be done.
There is no easing out Incarnation is not easy. The cup cannot be passed. He must drink this cup to make redemption real and eternal.

Son of sorrow Jesus is the son of sorrow. “He was a man of sorrows.”
Staring down forever Jesus is eternal and has always seen the mess that his friends, his brothers and sisters, the ones he loves are in.
With an aching view Our pain is his pain.
Disenchanted, This world is not worth worth investing in. It is ful of lies and disillusionment.
Let’s go down together Jesus says come follow me, into death. It’s almost like an invitation into a suicide pact. Jesus’ suicide was the cross, ours is realized in the waters of baptism. In pabtism, we fulfill out end of the suicide pact.
With the fatal wound When this pact is fulfilled, there is no going back. Following Jesus is fatal.

This is the real thing This is not pre-season. And this is it.
No rubber bullets now I think this is a reference to The Law. What The Law could only hope to do, redeem humanity, Jesus does, in the crucifixion.
This is the final bow Jesus is the last sacrifice.
My breath avoids me Description of the crucifixion.
My chest is in my head
My stomach’s upside down

Son of sorrow Same as before.
Staring down forever
With an aching view
Disenchanted, lets go down together
With the fatal wound
With the fatal wound
With the fatal wound



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