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Unity 2.0 – Intro January 14, 2006

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Unity 2.0 is the name of my next series. I am inspired by three things to move ahead with this series:

1. New Wineskins is tackling this topic.
2. My buddy Joes James , who needs to keep on blogging, asked me about writing more on Post Restoration Hope.
3. Once again, Switchfoot, We Are One Tonight.

Although I am of the Churches of Christ and the American Restoration Movement, this series will not merely address internal family issues. Why? Most of the problems of divcisionn in the Churches of Christ are not unique to our fellowship. In fact, the most important divisions experienced in the CHurches of Christ have run amuck on most churches.

Here’s a taste:

I am going to deal with power, art, and economics – and a whole lot more. Can’t wait to get into this series. Hope you’ll be here.

Go to Unity 2.0 – Race



1. David U - January 15, 2006

Count me in, brother!


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