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Pilgrim of Worship #7: The Dangers of Playing It Safe January 22, 2006

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If you’ve been following Unity 2.0, don’t worry, there is more to come. I neglected, however, to finish my pilgrim of worship series.

After the church explosion in Abilene and the rampant abuse that followed, my joy in worship was sapped. There were songs I could not sing because of the memories. I spent two more years in Abilene trying to figure out how to live and worship.

Finally, I graduated and we moved about as far from Abilene as you can get – Minnesota. We went from dangerous to safe, to put it mildly. If the church I was at in Abilene had been cutting edge before the melt down, then the church I went to was the epicenter of mainstream don’t-step-on-anyone’s-toes-ism. Please, very good people and I have close frineds there, but the church was governed by a mentaility of maintenence. Thus the worship reflected that posture.

The ban on female participation, the mandatory hymns, and skepticism that “camp songs” during worship ignited really brought me back to a place once upon a time. But none of that bothered me initially because at least I knew what I was getting into. There weren’t going to be any Pentecostal Powerplays here, and that is just what I wanted, at first.

As I healed, I grew restless once again. The worship really was dead, from my perspective. Yes, it is about what I bring to it. I did my best. At the same time, what I had to wade through to get there for corporate worship left me looking for Saturday night services at the local community churches. My wife and I went to an unforgettable Sonicflood concert that was surprisingly very worshipful. That was in 2000 and talk about it still.

You know, there is no safe. The dangers of familiarity and comfort are potentially more threatening than the dangers of progress and adventure. This is not the usual common sense through. In fact, I recently heard a church person say that he was glad to live in the box because living outside the box leaves you vulnerable to Satan’s attacks. Inside the box is safe. Well, since I know the context of the comment, I willl get him pass on it.

However, this statement cannot be generalized. How many people are lulled into spiritual complacency resembling The Matrix where they are fat and happy that all is well in the world and in their church because they wear the same clothes and sing the same songs and have the right theology? That, my friends, scares the crap out of me. The more I learn of the priorities of my spiritual history, the more I fear I am deeply damaged – or my system is corrulpted.

I have been safe for the past 7 years. I am sick and tired of being safe. I am ready for some danger.

I do not know where my pilgrimage of worship will take me. All I know is that safe is not something I can afford to be anymore.



1. Keith Brenton - January 22, 2006

Choose the danger.

There is no ‘safe.’


The Guy Putting His Job On The Line At His Blog

2. David U - January 23, 2006

Chris, remember my post on being “safe”? You’re dead on, brother!

In the topsy turvy world of God’s Kingdom, those who think of themselves as the “safest” are the ones MOST at risk!


3. TCS - January 24, 2006

People meant to be warriors all sleeping, happily sleeping in their churches. Shelved. You try to wake someone up and they want to go back to sleep.

4. DJG - January 24, 2006

I would like to join the danger club!! I am tired, sick to death actually of being content! And I so agree about the dangers of the familiar and comfortable being the most dangerous.

I will take the red pill Morpheus!

5. Jamie Arpin-Ricci - January 24, 2006

Let danger be your middle name (wink)

Jamie Arpin-Ricci

6. john alan turner - January 24, 2006

C.S. Lewis says that inside the box is the only place where your heart is truly safe. Unfortunately, that’s also where they put you when you die. Come to think of it, there’s not much difference.

If God is as competent as he says he is, then the universe is a completely safe place to be — even if it is dangerous at the same time.

7. Joel Maners - January 24, 2006

There’s a great scene in Walk the Line about worship. I wrote an article about it on my blog. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, go.


I’ll wait.

8. Bek - January 25, 2006

i’m with you!!!!! Jesus promised His disiples adventure (heal the sick, cast out demons), He also promised them persecution and certain death.

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