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Sexy Super Bowl Commercials February 6, 2006

Posted by fajita in Uncategorized.

Jessica Simpson can knock down a teenage boy with a pizza bit (pizza bit not really needed) and the Go Daddy Girl can cause an older man inhale deeply into his oxygen mask. The metal naked woman from mud flaps has a thing for Yosemite Sam and the not so sexy Burger King food item ladies think the plastic Burger King is creepy (finally, Burger King admits this guy is creepy). And the most sexy commercial had to be the ads for Dancing With the Stars.

I watched these with my 7 year old daughter (my son was running around like a nut and missed them) – good.

We had decided at the beginning of the game to rate a thumbs up or thumbs down or a thumb to the side for all commercials. We gave all the sexy commercials a thumbs down. It was a little awkward to watch these sexy commercials at all, let alone with my daughter. In the past I have looked away and covered my own eyes. However, I decided differently this year. My daughter get her first (official) lesson in objectification.

I could have given her a lesson on the abuse of sexual power (women over men OR men over women), but I decided to stick with the topic of making objects of women. I told her that these commercials did not treat women like women, but like objects just to sell things. She didn’t get it, really, and I didn’t expect her to. But the seed of the message is planted, a message saying that there is more to being a female than looking good. In fact, true beauty goes deeper than the skin.

I want my little girl to grow up beautiful into the depths of her heart. I do not want her to settle for the excessively expensive, dangerous, and fleeting surface kind of beauty paraded all over TV and everywhere else. I want her to be confident in her vlaue and to know that her beauty is measured in her compassion, love, genuineness, courage, faith, and gentleness as opposed to breast size.



1. Beaner - February 6, 2006

So what did you guys talk about after the Dove commercial? I thought it perfectly juxtaposed those other commercials!

2. Fajita - February 6, 2006

Oh yes, my daughter was back getting some food when it started, so she saw part of it. Thought it was good and moving “Let’s change their minds.” That was good.

More talk about real beauty.

3. James - February 6, 2006

The Burger King guy should be on the Neighborhood Watch suspicious characters list. Creepy doesn’t begin to describe him, but I was sure glad they finally (sorta) fessed up.

4. James - February 6, 2006

The Dove commercial was, by the way, was very, very good.

5. Beaner - February 6, 2006

Yeah…I have added the Dove commercial to my List of Commercials NOT to Watch While PMSing (right under the Sylvan Learning commercials!)

6. DJG - February 6, 2006

I missed the Dove commercial…

Burger King guy = nightmares!

There was a couple I liked, but sadly I don’t remember them….except the one with Harrison Ford and I don’t remember what he was advertising…cold medicine or apathy? Who knows?

**But Good for YOU! Take time to teach your daughter that she does NOT have to live up to some Barbie doll image to be a wonderful, loved woman! Please!

7. Bek - February 6, 2006

thanks for teaching your daughter this!!! i bet this time with her has far-reaching affects. the burger king women was quite odd, not sure whether its objectification or just weirdification.

8. Lee Hodges - February 7, 2006

FedEx gets my vote. The Stone Age guy sending the package (Club) was over the top.

How did you guys handle this one? Just curious.

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