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T & A February 9, 2006

Posted by fajita in Uncategorized.

I am not sure what comes to mind for you when you hear someone talk about T & A, but for me, sadly, it is none too wholesome.

Today I heard it no less than 5 times. Only the context saved me. It was in a consult with an ear, nose, and throat doctor. For an ENT, T & A means tonsil and adnoid.

At the same time, I couldn’t help but force back my snicker when the nurse said “T & A” with a completely straight face.


1. DJG - February 9, 2006

My son had a T-shirt. It had something else in the small print…sadly I don’t remember what???

I would have laughed.

2. Joel Maners - February 10, 2006

My parents started our printing business when I was a kid. My mom often did the work of film assembly which was necessary for making printing plates. Since the job involves cutting strips of paper, people who do this job are called strippers. Imagine my chagrin when my dad asked my mom about how her “stripping went that day” while we were eating at a local restaurant. We got a number of strange looks but my parents never even noticed.

3. Beaner - February 10, 2006

My husband works with computers & computer servers. There is some process they have to do to remove software? from the servers & it’s called a “dump”. It’s funny to hear him on the phone talking about his dump!!!

4. Steve Duer - February 10, 2006

We once had a position: Director of Treatment & Assessment. The guy was proud to be the director of T&A. It was the second best title in the agency. The best was: Director of Small Miracles (day care center).

5. TCS - February 10, 2006

ha! your ads are for GoDaddy commercials!

6. Fajita - February 11, 2006

T & A brings up Go Daddy ads? That’s relevant ad placement.

And what is the deal about ads for ads?

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