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Licensed & Ticked February 10, 2006

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Today I went to the state capitol and met with the Arkansas Board of Examiners in Counseling. I had to pass an oral exam in order to change from being a licensed associate marriage and family therapist to the more prestigious and autonomouos Licensed (not associate) Marriage and Family Therapist.

I passed!

This is a significant benchmark for me because I have been under supervision since 1999. No more. Now supervision is optional. Now the next rung ont he ladder would be to become a supervisor. I am likely to do that while I am getting a Ph.D.

So, sitting before the board and getting subpoenaed (twice) all within a week’s time. How nice and stress free (whatever). I go to court Tuesday and Wednesday. Nevermind my 8 clients. Never mind my date with my daughter for lunch and reading a story to her 2nd grade class. Nevermind my date with my wife for lunch KID FREE. No, the almighty lawyers (sorry Matt) have deemed my life (and all of the people in it, the loss of income for the counseling center, and everything else) not nearly as important as their using me like a hammer to crush a person I have a committment to keep their information confidential. The judge has ordered me to turn over files and talk. GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate it when someone else can make a liar of me “for the common good.” B (period) S (period)



1. Beaner - February 10, 2006

Sounds like the name of your blog should be “Wings & Weights”

Congrats on passing the test!

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