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Emerging Valentine’s Awareness February 11, 2006

Posted by fajita in Uncategorized.

My 7 year old daughter is writing Valentine’s for her 2nd grade Valentine’s Day party at school. She has a little box decorated with hearts. Cute. She’s got 20 little pre-made valentine cards spread out over her bed. She’s already written the TO: and FROM: portions of the cards…with a little extra.

My wife, wise as she is, decided to check these out.

“Richard, you need to stay in your seat.”

Very interesting valentine blessing. Richard might be let down a little by this one.

“Bobby, you’re a good friend to Tommy.”

Why my daughter feels compelled to comment on Bobby and Tommy’s relationship is beyond me. I guess Bobby is not a good friend to her.

“Mikey, I kind of like you.” STOP RIGHT THERE!!!!!
There will be no liking of boys by my daughter.

We are working on proper valentining.
On a completely separate note, for those of you readers out there who are unsure about my gender, please continue to read and guess. It is a little surprising to think that there are some people who don’t know.

Feel free to comment and disclose what you believ my gender to be.



1. Bek - February 11, 2006

funny valentines. i like the first one to richard. i’ve assumed you to be a male, but i guess i’m not sure. i also assumed another blogger to be a male, who i just recently found, in fact, is not a male.

2. Justin - February 11, 2006

people don’t know your gender. thats kinda funny.

3. Beaner - February 11, 2006

LOL!!!! I met you, so I’m in the know & can’t guess….but your ID is a little tricky. I guess if my picture wasn’t on my profile, it could be hard to know that I’m a girl.

4. DJG - February 11, 2006

I don’t know many women who have a “wife”, not that I haven’t always wanted one, you know just to cook, and clean, and pay the bills and iron my clothes….

She likes Mikey….I love it

5. James - February 12, 2006

A man. Obviously, a lady would be a Sopapilla, not a Fajita.

6. TCS - February 13, 2006


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