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Demergent Baptists, Meet The Emerging Church World February 12, 2006

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Apparently the old guard in the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention, not Southwestern Bell) and their IMB (International Mission Board) are getting a dose of the power of emerging culture and the power of the new media – blogs.

Apparently Wade Burleson, a trustee of the IMB is getting the axe from the IMB because he opposed their limitations on specific baptisms and tongues or any kind of prayer languages. This would not be news were it not for blogs. It would have been the insignificant case of the frustrated ex-IMB trustee. There is no way on earth I would have ever heard about.

Ah, but Wade blogs. Blogs connect the unconnected – instantly. Christianity Today picked up the story citing blog involvement.

Things will get worked out, I am sure, but not in the neat and tidy way that is most likely accostomed for the SBC’s IMB. The days of the old school force and power are waning and a new kind of authority, accountability, and checks-n-balances is emerging with cheap and simple global media – blogs.

No longer can the establishment lean so heavily upon the silence and lack of communication power held by those it chooses to steam roll. More people than ever have a global megaphone and all it takes is a few others to pick up on it and there you are, an intense and electric blogstorm ruining your old buddy system.

May God be in this mess.



1. James - February 12, 2006

“May God be in this mess.”

Amen, and may the bloggers not take up in themselves the pride, power and authority they see in others. The power of blogging can be as intoxicating to the ego as the power of the “old school.”

2. TCS - February 13, 2006

is demergent a new word? You’r a sweet lady by the way!

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