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Some serious T & A February 26, 2006

Posted by fajita in Uncategorized.

Thanks to everyone who prayed and kept us in their thoughts and wishes. The T & A’s went well. “My, what large adenoids you have.” “Better to get infections with my dear.”

Now we have recovery. The kids are fast asleep right now, but when the waken, that will be when the rubber meets the road. Rainbow Sherbet, juice, Kool-Aid, pudding Jell-o, mac-n-cheese, and all things soft for the next week or so.

Monday morning at 6:30 AM both of my kids get their Tonsils and Adnoids out. We are asking God for no complications and that they not be that 1% that have ploblems (like I was for my crown, root canal, and vascectomy – how could I be the 1% 3 times?) and that recovery time is quick.



1. Beaner - February 26, 2006

WOW! I wish my dentist would offer THAT service – maybe my husband would be more willing if he could do the “package deal”. 😉

Anyway…praying for health!!!

2. Keith Brenton - February 26, 2006

Your kids and their parents have my prayers.

Right now, I just need someone to vacuum out my sinuses.

3. DJG - February 26, 2006

We’ll pray for your T & A…

4. Justin - February 27, 2006

complications from a vasectomy sounds way less fun than complications from anything else you mentioned. Sheesh

5. Karen - February 27, 2006

Glad it went well. When Halle had her tonsils out (at the age of 3), she was feeling so good that evening that she ate bacon and eggs for dinner!

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