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The Kingdom of God is like an autistic teen… February 28, 2006

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Check out this video (2:25)


1. Beaner - February 28, 2006

I bawled the first, second, and third times I’ve seen that video. I hope when I’m in heaven that my life’s reel will have a couple of those moments on it!

2. dac - February 28, 2006

I saw this on Imus In The Morning on MSNBC. Like beaner, I got pretty choked up watching it. Then afterward, I got to thinking: Why didn’t they let this kid play all year long? Why just the last four minutes of the last game? And on a whim at that – the coach hadn’t planned to play him.

Was it because this kid had been labled as “Special” that people didn’t think he was capable of playing?

Basically it was out of charity that the coach let him play when he should have been given a chance all year long.

This should be a lesson to us all. Before we seek out other’s dis-abilities, let us first find their true abilities.

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