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Seed to Plants March 8, 2006

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Kairos is a church planting ministry located in Portland, Oregon. It is new; it is relevant; it is visionary.

A couple with whom my wife and I have grown to love are seeking God’s will on the possibility of planting a church.

So, this couple is not just slapping up a “Church of Christ Meets Here” sign at the local elementary school on Sunday morning waiting for people to show up. No, that is the old way. They are entering into a process to determine wether or not they are called to church planting. Assuming they are, they will enter into a traning process through Kairos (which is modeled after and works closely with Stadia’s very successful church planting system in the Christan Churches). This training process helps with team development and dynamics, church planting strategies, spiritual nurture, and financial support – everything that can be done to support a successful church plant.

This couple, who is going to the Discovery Lab to assess their readiness for church planting, needs some financial support in order to fund the costs of the lab and the travel to and from Portland.

I believe in church planting. I believe in this couple. I believe in Kairos. I believe in God. So, I am putting my money where my mouth is. You are invited to join in this mission.

So, go ahead and think about it. Within a week I will post about how you can support real live church planting with your seed money.



1. kristi - March 9, 2006

The Lord is doing amazing, creative, passionate work through the Kairos ministry. Please tell your friends to stop by PUMP – we would love to encourage them during their time in Portland!

2. TCS - March 9, 2006

Chris,Thanks for these links. I have been meaning to e-mail you and ask about them. I just realized that “Chris” may add to your vague identity. 😉

The brick Testament makes me gigle. I think I might buy a book.

3. Paul - March 9, 2006

I spent most of my ministry planting churches but these guys today have a better handle on it than we did. God be praised! I have been praying for God to raise up church planters for years.

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