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Brag about your blog March 21, 2006

Posted by fajita in Uncategorized.

OK, here is what I am looking for. I want you to boast about your blog or website. So, here is how to do it. Provide the follwing information:


City of residence:


Name of blog or website (with url if you want):

One sentence on why your blog is worth reading:



1. Justin - March 21, 2006

Justin Mundie

Murfreesboro, TN



I am writing from the point of view of a college student trying to cope with a maturing faith in an emergent context.

2. Ben Dubow - March 21, 2006

Ben Dubow

Storrs, CT



Blog from a 1 yr old church plant in a New England college town trying some pretty cool things to reach people for Christ.

3. Angie - March 21, 2006

Angie Burns

Big Creek, MS

The 35 Year Old Virgin!

Angie’s Aim

It’s a baby blog, but growing into a place to discuss issues (homosexuality, in particular) among Churches of Christ, but from a universal church perspective.
(Plus, I give away FREE STUFF!)

4. Shump - March 22, 2006

Brad Shumpert

Jonesboro, AR



The journey of a fat man from 380 pounds to getting fit, how I am enjoying the journey and how somedays it is a spritiual happening.

5. Phil - March 22, 2006

Phil Wilson

Nashville, TN



I write about life, faith, what I’m reading, watching, and thinking. I also post when the Post-Restorationist Radio Podcast is updated (which it just was). I’m not posting for Lent, but will start back after Easter.

6. Steve Duer - March 22, 2006

Steve Duer

Greeneville, TN


Du’s & Don’ts

In between ramblings about my family & sports, I occationally have some interesting things to say about God, church and such. Plus I also try to share odd things like the story about a minor league baseball team selling Krispy Kreme Hamburgers.

7. Lee Hodges - March 22, 2006

Lee Hodges

Westmoreland, Tennessee



General thoughts and observations about my walk with Him.

8. k2 - March 22, 2006

Name: ken harris

City of residence: daphne, alabama

Age: 39

Name of blog or website (with url if you want): love wins!
(formerly known as ‘fixin’ to’)

One sentence on why your blog is worth reading: i blog about things that are interesting to me, like things i have heard at conferences that made an impression on me, like things i have read on other blogs, like things that are happening in my life and want to share with the rest of the blognation and see what they think. (kind of a long run on sentence, but i had a lot i wanted to say. thanks, fajita.)

9. Tally - March 23, 2006

Tally Wilgis

Chesapeake, VA


(To Encourage and Equip)

I’m a young Pastor of a church plant on the coast of Virginia. The blog is basically about kicking the doors down on stupidity in the church and passionately pursue Christ in all we do. A majority of the writing stems from our blossoming church and the ‘issues’ that come up from time to time. What readers will enjoy most is my transparency.

10. Bek - March 23, 2006

name: Rebekah
from: cleveland, Ohio
age: 26
url: http://www.darlingwarhorse.blogspot.com

i write about life through the eyes of a lover of Jesus who is a newly-stay at home mom. i like to make metaphors using my 17 month old son. i like to think my content is edgy at times.

11. Hugo - March 24, 2006

Hugo De La Rosa
Edinburg, TX

As to why my blog is worth reading . . . I’m a Catholic Christian campus minister with an interest in world religions.

So you know you have to stop by now!:-)

Blessings & Peace,

12. Joel Maners - March 25, 2006

Joel Maners
Jackson, TN

I write what’s on my mind. I try to be an encourager and offer a fresh perspective. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s just crap. Judge for yourself.

13. Steve - March 26, 2006

Steve Allison

Knoxville, TN



Nothing particularly notable about my blog. I don’t know why I do it or where I’m going with it.

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