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The value of a good nurse March 26, 2006

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When your loved one is in ICU and things are not looking good, having a good nurse brings peace. Kelli is bringing us some peace. She is constantly busy doing something, but she is never too busy to talk and explain in clear terms what she is doing and how my dad is doing. She is pleasant and smiles. I get the feeling that she really cares.

This is important. Have you ever had a health care worker who is just doing their job? Punching the clock? Getting a paycheck? No good. You want one who cares. Either Kelli cares or she is really good at making us believe so. I think she cares.

Right now, we wait. Waiting is difficult. You can’t do anything, but you don’t feel like you can do anything else.


1. Keith Brenton - March 26, 2006

I had to endure many of the same experiences when my dad passed away years ago.

My prayers are with you and your family.

2. Angie - March 26, 2006

Well, I just now made my way over to check your blog & was shocked to find out all that you’re going through. Thank you for bravely putting yourself out there on your blog… There’s a vulnerability in dealing with this that you probably don’t want to share with complete strangers… so I’m glad you think the blog community is worthy of this piece of you. I, for one, will consider it a real privilege to pray for you and your family today…

3. DJG - March 26, 2006

I will pray for your dad and your family.

Having spent three weeks at UAB I can attest to the value of a good nurse. Our babies have a great one this weekend. They have all been good but she is exceptional. It is a great comfort when things are not going well….and I know in your case it is especially comforting.

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