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“Is your dad saved?” March 27, 2006

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Is your dad saved? or Has he been baptized?

I’ve got this question only once – verbally. Many others have thought it, but didn’t ask. You might be thinking it as well. It’s a good question and it is OK to ask. If you are a Christian, then it might be THE question.

I don’t know how to answer the question. Yes, he was baptized. No he has not been to church in decades. Yes, he believes in God. No he doesn’t read his bible – ever. Yes, he is a “good person.” No, he has some terrible habits. Yes, he prays. No, he does not live the “Christian” life.

What makes someone “saved?” If the question really means, will he spend eternity in Heaven with God? Then I believe that he will. He will because Jesus died for his sin. Jesus saves – brings to eternal Heaven – those whom He died for. Those wishing to bypass Heaven will probably be granted a pass and not be required to go. However, I have the feeling that my father is willing.

Now, think of the saved question as something like this:

Will he be relieved of the consequences of his bad habits?
Will he be free from his frail and ailing body?
Will he never fear again?
Will he know the fullest extent of forgiveness?
Will he finally know love?
Will he be freed to see the wonders of God?
Will he know his worth?
Will he be freed from depressive moods?
Will he be free to speak his heart?
Will he finally exit the dark shadow of his father?

So, is he saved? Well, in many ways he has always been saved. In others, he is on the verge of being saved.


1. Joel Maners - March 27, 2006

I’m not sure if that’s even the right question tohe Jews have this idea about heaven and hell. Heaven is being close to God. Hell is being far away. Accorsing to this view,if you live close to God, eternity is a continuation of that walk, heaven. Hell is living far away from him. If you are not close to him, shaloam, then you are living in hell on earth. The afterlife is just a continuation of what your walk with him is like on earth. So perhaps the question we need to be asking ourselves is, are we walking close to God? Are we experiencing shaloam, the peace of, and oneness with God?

2. DJG - March 28, 2006

Very good points. Hard questions and I know an issue you do not take lightly….but I think your answer is right on!

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