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Fighting Like Hell March 28, 2006

Posted by fajita in Uncategorized.

At noon the interventional radiologist comes in to determine if he can get a dialysis line put in. If he can, then we might be able to get rid of the sepsis and the fluid that is building at the rate of 10 pounds per day. Yes, he is gaining 10 pounds pr day because his is in kidney failure.

If the interventional radiologist cannot put in the line, then the question is how to die.

His blood pressure is good and he is off all pressers and BP meds. This is an unexpected positive turn. His breating is still completely on the vent.

He’s not going to go without a fight and we will fight for him.

On another note, I am thankful for a hospital room that has such good air ventiliation that the room does not have the “sick” smell in it – much anyway.



1. Bek - March 28, 2006

i’ve been away from blogs with our own life/death situation over here. now i come to check blogs and see you are in the same. may God be very near you and your family in a tangible way during this time. God bless.

2. Brandon Scott - March 28, 2006

Been away too. Sheryl is at the beach. She just called to ask me and get in touch with you guys. Will call in a bit. Hope I can find you.

3. Brandon Scott - March 28, 2006

OK…so the cell number I ahve must be bad. Says it’s not a working number. Please have Gail call the house or my cell. You’ve got both numbers. We love you, Chris. I KNOW how tough this is. Been there. You’ll get through it. Lean on those around you. Wish I could be there.
Love you.

4. Mark Elrod - March 28, 2006

Sorry for being late in adding my name to the number of people praying for you and your dad.

Be strong.

5. David U - March 28, 2006

Chris, I am prayerful for your dad.
I am so sorry.


6. Lee Hodges - March 28, 2006


I have been where you are. Prayers are going up for you and yours.

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