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At the speed of emergence April 11, 2006

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If you ask my mother, not only is the emerging church emerging too quickly, but it is emerging in the wrong direction. (So mom, do you really read my blog 🙂 ?)

If you ask me, what in the world are we waiting for? Let’s get to it. Wherever this thing is going, let’s get going before the church ends up like the survivors on LOST – isolated, scared, alone, bickering with each other – and sometimes really comfy with this little bit of power in the lonely forgotten place.

So what is the speed of emergence?

Some people have been emerging for 20 years, while others are just now sensing a shift in the wind.

From one perspective you might say the emerging church has run amuck with blogs, books, conferences, podcasts, personalities, worship innovations, and appearances on Larry King.

From another perspective you might say that it has barely scratched the surface. For all the talk of a deep ecclesiology, there is little movement in denominational cooperation, evangelicals are still carving out little fiefdoms, and a little handful of people who are in these denominations have caught the wind of emergent and it has only intensified their frustration. It’s only a conversation for crying out loud.

Only the crazies who have gone off and planted their own churches have the freedom to emerge. Oh, and there is the handful of leaders who have lead their congregation through the painful controtions of emerging from within.

So here is my question, as the church emerges, is it going too fast or too slow, or (Deep, refreshing drink of Diet Dr. Pepper (which I will not have until Easter)) just right ? – ahhhhh



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