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Does the church really need to emerge? April 12, 2006

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So, what do you think, is all of this talk of emergence really necessary? Does there need to be change in the church? Isn’t Christianity right where it needs to be?

So, I was talking to a female teen (TeenZ) one day and here is kind of how the conversation went.

TeenZ: I gave my life back to God, you know.

Me: What’d you do that for? Trying to sound almost as if I were opposed to the idea.

TeenZ: Felt like it.

Me: Ok

TeenZ: Because I do whatever I feel like doing.

Me: Cool, how did it happen?

TeenZ: I went out into a field, looked up at the sky and I did it.

Me: Wow, right out there with no one else around.

TeenZ: You probably think it doesn’t count becuase it wasn’t in a church and I didn’t get baptized. You don’t have to get baptized you know.

Me: It counts.

TeenZ: I hate church and I hate my youth minister.

Me: Ok.

TeenZ: I play in the praise band at church, but not because I want to show off. Too many people show off. I hate it.

Me: Yeah, fakers are no good.

TeenZ: No one can answer my questions. They always say, “read the Bible.” That’s not good enough.

Me: What questions do you have?

TeenZ: Where did God come from? Do you know that? I’d really like to know. Don’t tell me he always existed because how could that be?

Me: Wow, I really don’t…

TeenZ: And how do I know the Bible isn’t just a bunch of made up stories? I could have written them.

Me: Well…

TeenZ: How do we know all of the other religions are wrong and only Christianity is right? What if God just chose a different way to talk to Hindus and Jews and Buddhists?

Me: Do you have any easy questions?

TeenZ: Smiles and chuckles a little.

Me: I don’t have any answers to any of your questions. I knew everyone else she had asked gave her pat answers that insulted her questions. I wasn’t about to do that. I wanted her to know I didn’t know.

TeenZ: Looks at me with anticipation.

Me: Look, I don’t know about all this who is right and who is wrong stuff. I can’t tell you who is going to Heaven, whatever Heaven is, and I can’t tell you who is going to Hell, whatever Hell is. All I know is that Heaven is probably the place I want to go after I die.

TeenZ: Yeah, me too.

Me: Cool. You know, I’m not too concerned about being right about everything. All I know is that if I follow God in the same kinds of ways that Jesus did, then I am probably doing something on the right path.

TeenZ: What?

Me: Salvation is not the thing you find when you get all cleaned up and find Jesus. Salvation is seeking Jesus. It is following God in the same way Jesus did. Salvation is more like a direction than a one-timer, or perfection.

TeenZ: My youth minister tells me I don’t get it.

Me: I’m sorry for that.

TeenZ: He’s always on my case because I don’t do everything he thinks I ought to do.

Me: Aren’t you glad he’s not in charge of your relationship with God?

TeenZ: Yes.

So, I ask you again, does the church need to emerge?


1. TCS - April 12, 2006

Don’t you have any easy questions?

Emerge it will.

You are being too prolific to keep up with lately.

2. Justin - April 12, 2006

That was a great dialogue. I remember asking myself many of those questions, and then remembering “i’m a leader in the youth group… i need to know what I believe”

so I held it all in until katrina burst it.

My name is Justin, and I’m a recovering fundamentalist.

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