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Huh? April 12, 2006

Posted by fajita in Uncategorized.

Below is an e-mail survey I received today. Can you please tell me what the author of this survey is trying to get at?

Im wanting to do some simple research and I want to see how far this can go via the internet. I have the addresses of a couple of hundred preachers if you have even one that I do not and that person responds and has even one this could go qui t far.

Here is what I need: 1. Answer the questions below. 2. PLEASE Forward this to all the preachers on your e-mail list. Do it now. 3. Let me know if you want the results. (respond to dale@edge.net).

I am sending this out on 3/31/06 and will accept responses until 4/22/06. Lets see how many preachers we can get to respond. The results could be very interesting.

1. What is the primary translation of the Bible you preach out of?

2. Does the congregation where you preach have pew Bibles? If yes what version??

3. How many adult classes does the congregation there have?

4. What Bible study material do your adult classes use:
a. Just the text.
b. A quarterly type material (which one? GA, 21st, Lambert, other)
c. Book type studies.
d. Video materials.
e. PLEASE answer for each adult class.

5. What is your name?

6. What is the name/city/state and Sunday morning attendance number of the congregation where you serve?

Thank you and may God richly bless your work.

And now, for something really different, the flea circus. (HT Believing Thomas)



1. James - April 13, 2006

The questions on versions, materials, etc. wouldn’t bother me, but what’s with the personal info request? That part seems odd for a survey.

Bet we could guess what end of the spectrum of the church and what translation the author uses is. Ha.

2. john alan turner - April 13, 2006

I’m guessing he’s just trying to sell you (and other preachers) something. Some kind of Sunday School curriculum.

3. Joe James - April 13, 2006

I’ve got a survey for him:

Why do you care?

a.) You’re nosey and want to know my business.

b.) You hate people that use anything besides the KJV.

c.) You are incapable of making simple decisions on your own so you need me to help you.

d.) You want to keep a thumn on as many churches as possible.

e.) You can’t get your mind off that prophecy in Second Revelation that saith, “Thou shalt readest only thine authorized to thine English King.”

Please attatch a copy of your full identity to this email. I will be needing your SS# to take full measures ensure your salvation.

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