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Teens and Sex April 18, 2006

Posted by fajita in Family Science, Sex, Teens.

Rank the following factors in teens deciding not to have sex (rank of 1 means it is the most influential factor and rank of 5 means least influential) Feel free to explain yourself.

Parent's religiosity
Teen's Religiosity
Low opportunity for sexual contact (not dating)
Teen's attitude about sex
Being Female


1. Bek - April 19, 2006

fahita, the url to “the top 10 reasons men shouldn’t be ordained” is at: http://www.sarahrooney.blogspot.com or just hit the link to “accidental blog” on the sidebar of my blog.

and for your survey here…..i’ll go ahead and use my experiences to rank (considering two factors. one, that i DID NOT have sex as a teen. two, that i DID have sex when i turned 20, out of marriage.)

#1 – teen’s religiousity (relationship with God, i would put)
#2 – parent’s “”
#3 – low opportunities
#4 – teen’s attitude
#5- being female

2. Bek - April 19, 2006

oh, could i add in there, between low opportunites and teen’s attitude, i would put “friends”. that was a biggie for me…what are the friends doing? when all the friends aren’t having sex its easier to stand, then when all the friends are having sex.

3. josh - April 19, 2006

1. low opportunities
2. teen’s religiousity
3. attitude
4. parent’s religiousity
5. being female

interesting exercise.

4. Bek - April 19, 2006

i asked my husband for the fun of it. he didn’t have sex til marriage.

#1 – teen’s relationship with God
#2 – teen’s attitude
#3 – parents’ relationship with God
#4 – low opportunites
#5 – being female 🙂

5. Joe James - April 19, 2006

I’ll go with…

#1 teen’s religiousity (at least it was in my case)
#2 parent’s religiousity
#3 Low opportunities (#2 & #3 go hand in hand. I think I had very few opportunities to “do it” because my parents were focused on keeping a close eye on me… but not that I would’ve if they hadn’t, because… well you know – #1)
#4 Teen’s attitude (I’m not sure what this means?)
#5 It’s hard to say this is higher than 5 becasue “BEK” already said it was 5 and she’s a female! So, there ya go!

What’d ya think of 24? Looks like next monday night is shaping up to be an exciting one! Let’s start planning something big for the finale!

6. Matt - April 19, 2006

Hmm…I’ll go with:
1. Teen attitude
2. Teen religiosity (I won’t parse this word too much – I’ll assume it means the teen has a meaningful relationship with God)
3. Parent’s religiosity
4. Being female
5. Low opportunities (this would be #1 if I thought this meant “put them on a desert island with no contact with the opposite sex until they are 21” – but as long as there is ANY chance, I think it will happen if its going to happen)

7. Justin - April 19, 2006

low oppurtunities
teens religiousity
parents religiousity
being female

if you don’t have many opportunities, its less likely to happen, in my opinion, when those opportunities arise. this coming from a guy who hasn’t had sex but has had a few opportunities. if you’re nervous, because of lack of sexual (non intercourse) experiences, then its another added aspect to help you say no. The more comfortable you are in a “fooling around” type atmosphere, the more difficult it is to stop.

8. Chad Nall - April 19, 2006

The number one reason for me as a teen was low opportunity. I was every girl’s best friend.
But here’s my rank based on students I talk with:
#1 teen’s attitude- some just don’t want to risk it. Has nothing to do with moral convictions
#2 teen’s parents
#3 religiosity
#4 opportunity
#5 being female

Lauren Winner sites that for teen girls the biggest influence on girls’ decisions to abstain comes from team sports.

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