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Working With Web Press April 20, 2006

Posted by fajita in Blogging.

Since I am in the process of moving over to Web Press, I am learning about blog loyalty. I have to learn a new dashboard, new widgets, and just get familiar with the new system. I like the "categories" option that comes in Word Press. I'm not smart enough to get Blogger to do  this. There is a problem though. Now I have to assign categories to 460 blog posts all the wya back to June 2004 – the day of my blog birth.

I do think Word Press is better than blogger because it gives more versititly while remaining free. I may try to get a host for a fee. Webbleyou is looking good right now. But for now, I am turning over a new leaf – Word Press.



1. Greg - April 20, 2006


I thought we agreed you wouldn’t go ‘blue’ on the new blog.

2. fajita - April 20, 2006

Boot to the head!

3. Jen - April 21, 2006

welcome to wordpress and maybe soon to the webbleyou family too.

4. scott - April 21, 2006

you can’t beat webbleyou

5. Gem - April 23, 2006

I recently moved to a WordPress blog as well — it’s like night and day moving from Blogger! I didn’t know there were other free WP sites out there. Anyway, it’s looking good over here!

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