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What Makes You Beautiful? April 26, 2006

Posted by fajita in Family Science, Philosophy/Religion, Sex, Teens.

I believe the lovely and talented Scarlet Johanson was recently deemed the world's sexiest woman. She has a pretty smile and a nice figure. Her acting ability is improving, but is not award winning. There is something likeable about her public personality and she carries with her (in some of the roles she's played) a little bit of the certain kind of feminine helplessness that makes men feel like they need to rescue her.

But is she a beautiful woman? I really don't know. You probably don't know either. You know where I am going with this. A woman's beauty is not measured by sex appeal. Sex appeal, even with continued surgeries, eventually falls apart. Usually it is cast away long before it falls apart becuase Hollywood and magazine publishers can always build a sexier woman.

The question of what makes a woman beautiful is important for most women, but I think it is particularly important for teenager girls. It's so easy for teenage girls to get beautiful and sexy confused. I would wager that most teenage girls do not feel beautiful because they don't compare to magazine covers and music videos in the sexy department.

When they don't match up, they usually feel worth less than they really are. Then there are two negative ways that they respond to the self-loathing.

1. Get sexy and learn seduction.

2. Self-destruct.

Neither of these is good. What needs to happen for teenage girls is a new (old) vision of beauty. They need to be exposed to beautiful women who make a difference. Mother Teresa was a beautiful woman. A teenage girl's compassion needs to be labeled beautiful more than it needs to be labeled good. What a teenage girl needs is a way to be beautiful without it requiring sex appeal.

Go ahead, ask a teenage girl what makes her beautiful and watch her squirm. She doesn't know the answer. She knows it's not supposed to be sexual, but at the same time she's going to have a hard time thinking of anything else.

Parents, youth workers, ministers, and anyone working with teenage girls, make them feel beautiful by finding out who that girl is and call it beautiful.


1. Joel Maners - April 26, 2006

What make a woman sexy. That’s an interesting thought. I would say it’s confidence in knowing who you are and where you are going in life. In particular, a Southern woman has a sense of place and time. She knows not just what to do in any given situation but how to do it with grace and humility. She has a good sense of appropriateness. That’s what makes a woman sexy.

BTW, is it just me or is Laura Bush, the President’s wife, a sexy woman?

2. Carly - July 28, 2006

I totally agree with this blog and more people need realize it and get back to the old fasioned beauty : )

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