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Missing Links April 27, 2006

Posted by fajita in Blog Community, Blogging.

Dear readers,

I was going to link to everyone who linked to me on my old blog. However, I thought that perhaps not everyone wanted to be linked to. So, here's your chance to boldly say, "Link me now or lose me forever."

Come on, ask me, tell me, make me link to you. All you gotta do is ask. If you aren't willing to do that for a link, then you don't want it baby!



1. Jenni - April 27, 2006

yes – link me!

2. greg - April 27, 2006


like the new look.

3. TCS - April 27, 2006

link, and I would like to suggest a rating system. as in that post is 3 1/2 fajitas or if it sucks 1 fajita .

4. bek - April 27, 2006

yes link me – i’ll be re-linking you once i take the moment.

5. justin - April 28, 2006

I wanna be linked to

6. john alan turner - April 28, 2006

Link me, dude.

7. Karen - April 28, 2006

Looks like you’ve already linked me… thanks!

8. Lee Hodges - April 28, 2006

Yes, please link me!

9. Phil Wilson - April 28, 2006

Linky linky

Both for the blog and Post-Restorationist Radio (http://postrestorationist.podomatic.com) please

10. James - April 28, 2006

Sure, link away. Mine is thetimehascome.wordpress.com.

11. Keith Brenton - April 28, 2006

You had me at “lose me forever.”

12. Jamie Arpin-Ricci - April 29, 2006

I’d love a link, please.

13. Steve A. - April 30, 2006

I’d be honored.

14. Gem - April 30, 2006

I don’t think you linked me on your old blog, but I linked you! I don’t know if you link Mommy blogs or not. If you’d like, I’d love a link.

15. Shane Coffman - May 1, 2006

Count me in.

16. sddsa - May 8, 2006


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