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40 Days of Fat May 1, 2006

Posted by fajita in 40 Days of Fat, Church Planting, Health, Philosophy/Religion, Weight Loss.

Today is day #1 of this round of 40 Days of Fat.

I will run. I will eat better. I will lose weight. I will do this not because I am vain and want to be on the next cover of Men's Health. Cripes! That cannot, should not, and will not ever happen. NO, I will do this and it will cost me money.

For every pound I lose I will dontate $10 to Greg and Carolyn Brooks to help fund their trip to a church planting Discovery Lab. Furthermore, I'm going to pony up a buck a mile I run.

I'd love it if you'd join me.

So, whether you're a tubby who wants to knock off a few pounds or a someone who just wants to keep their shape as it is, then come on! Why not put that energy to a good cause?

You don't have to donate your money to the same place I am, but you're invited to. Or, if you just want a little blog encouragement over the next 40 days, stay right here and you'll get 3-5 posts per weeks on 40 Days of Fat.



1. Laymond Meredith - May 1, 2006

May God give you the strength to accomplish your goal

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