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Elizabethtown: A Movie Review May 6, 2006

Posted by fajita in Movie Reviews.

Elizabethtown was a film that dealt with life, death, and love. Good themes for a movie. It had enough humor to keep me into it, enough meaning to keep me hoping, and it had my favorite theme of all – redemption.

Let's break this movie a part a little. For one, it was better than "Gone With The Wind" – but so was "The Flintstones," so that isn't saying much.

OK, now really, I loved the scene where Drew (Orlando Bloom) stands over his deceased father's casket and tries to figure out what expression is on his father's face. It was an expression he had never seen before. He was grasping for a word to describe the expressions as he stood studying his father's face.

Naturally it struck me as so meaningful because I did the very same thing 6 weekes ago. I really did stand over my father's casket and look on his face and see an expression on it I had never seen before, standing there pondering what it was, what it meant.

Another scene that was good was when Drew confesses to Claire (Kirsten Dunst – who grows on me in every movie she is in. I don't like her much at first and then I keep falling in love) that he had failed his company to the tune of 1 billion dollars. "That's it?" she says. Then she repeats over and over, "you failed, you failed, you failed…" until he stops her. Then she says, "You think I care about that?"

That is beautiful. Love not contingent upon performance is beautiful, rare, powerful. It saved his life.

Finally, Claire creates a scrapbook map for Drew to use to drive home to Oregon from Kentucky. He followed it and got to seize the day in Memphis, Oklahoma City, and here and there. He finally met up with Claire and they fell in love blah, blah, blah. What was important about this scene was that it symbolozed how Drew had traveled through life, missing everything that was always right in front of his face, but had never really paid attention to.

Rent Elizabethtown.



1. Justin Mundie - May 6, 2006

amen. I’ve seen the movie several times, and I love it. I love indie films, and quasi indie films because they aren’t completely transparent. There are underlying themes that make the movie what it is, unlike pop films that just are what they are. Lots of explosions, sappy love, scary monsters, idiots being idiots (ie most comedies).

I second the motion to rent elizabethtown. or better yet, I make my own motion to BUY elizabethtown.

2. bek - May 8, 2006

my husband and i just watched it, on your reccommendation. good movie. interesting. unique. i too, liked the part where he’s talking about his billion dollars and she says something like “thats it? this is all about a shoe?” the love and freedom were contagious.

3. Phil - November 11, 2006

Amazing! I cried but then again I wasn’t sure why! I thnk that it was great and it had that something that thing that makes you just wnat to smile all day long and I just loved it sooooo much! I second the motion to buy it… well worht the money if I do say so myself!

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