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Bad Evangelism May 12, 2006

Posted by fajita in Christianity, Philosophy/Religion.

Click here if you want to see real bad evangelism. Warning, contains a few offensive words.



1. Justin Mundie - May 12, 2006

that was great. Probably one of the greatest parodies I’ve ever seen.

This is really interesting too. Definitely the worst evangelism I’ve ever seen. Its definitely not worksafe, but it will make you laugh.

2. Phil Wilson - May 12, 2006

Well, that was very interesting. Certainly displays some intriuging ideas.

Amazingly enough, Adam Ellis and I discuss Evangelism in the latest episode of the Post Restorationist Radio podcast.

3. Justin Mundie - May 12, 2006

did i not post the link to what i had intended. oops.

here it is


and here’s another funny thing I found


both of these have some language in them, but I don’t understand. its weird.

4. Melanie Morales - May 13, 2006

Yeah, that’s pretty bad.

And I had just seen this other one earlier today – it was at least funnier and cleaner than the Hank one…

Direct Link: http://barney.gonzaga.edu/%7Ecmurphy2/vids/thegoodword.mov

YouTube Link:

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