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How 24 will end May 22, 2006

Posted by fajita in 24, Media, TV.
  1. Jack Bauer will nearly kill President Logan, but someone will stop him.
  2. Logan gets off scott free (he's too valuable and hatable to lose. He dies next season).
  3. The evil bald guy with the earpeice that we all hate (and hated when he was on ER) that seems to control Logan will be revealed as evil oil and wll be brought to justice.
  4. Jack will be in some kind of trouble.
  5. Secretary Heller will reappear for some reason.
  6. Henderson gets off on immunity.
  7. Bierko dies.
  8. Chloe, Buchanan, Curtis, and the CTU gang get control back from Homeland Security.
  9. Karen Hayes joins CTU under Buchanan.
  10. Miles will experience some terrific pain.
  11. No one dies from a submarine.
  12. Audry Rains will kiss Jack.


1. Joe James - May 24, 2006

Do you want to know what really happens?

I have all the answers…

Just a teaser… You got 5 of these theories dead on!

But I’m not telling which ones!

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