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Alias is over and I am grieved May 23, 2006

Posted by fajita in Alias, TV.

Sydney Bristow will no longer visit me in my home on a weekly basis. How sad it is to be me.

No longer will I wonder if her mother is good or evil. She is evil – and dead.

No longer will I wonder how Sloane will turn evil again. He's taken care of – kind of. He did find the Rimbadli fountain of youth and came back to life with it, but in a sacrificial last move, Jack Bristow blew up the cave he and Sloane were both in, killing himself, but leaving Sloane, now immortal, trapped for eternity under tons of rock in a hidden cave far from anyone's reach.

No longer will I wonder if Sydney and Vaughn will be together – they are and with two kids.

No longer will I get to see Marshall rig up impossible technology rivaled only by Chloe on 24.

No longer wil I wonder about Rimbaldi's end game.

No longer will I be surprised by Sark appearing yet one more time on the wrong side of the law.

No longer will I wonder what or who SD-6, The Trust, The Covenant, Prophet 5, and The Horizon are.

No longer will I grit my teeth and wonder, "How will Sydney get out of this one?"

No, it's all over. Thank God for Lost and 24.   



1. Peggy - May 24, 2006

You! and my husband! He was a great fan. He is now watching any of the shows he missed off the internet. Streaming them works great and he loves seeing them all again and again.

He is also saddened, but didn’t think it could last much longer.

It was great fun to watch and have the kids over every Sunday night to watch….and then they moved it and then it was hard to know when it would be on. So farewell, Sydney Bristow and Vaughn. Glad you are together.

2. Beaner - May 24, 2006

My husband & I have seen them ALL!!! I even cried at the end! Yes, thank God for ‘Lost’, but my other favorite is renting ‘Arrested Development’ – hilarious!

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