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Certain Doom May 29, 2006

Posted by fajita in Christianity, emerging church/emergent, Philosophy/Religion, Post-restoration/Restoration Movement.

When Christians make certainty a requirement for faith, Biblical interpretation, the church, and ultimately the world suffers.

Biblical interpretation that produces only confidence or hope will be deemed insufficient when certainty is a necessity. The Bible will be degraded into a tool, or worse, a weapon, by which people use to control others into adhering to their form of certainty.

Church practice, tradition, and fellowship will be limited rather than expanded when certainty is a requirement. Creativity necessitates the untested, and therefore the uncertain – thus with certainty creativity ceases. Nothing new will ever emerge.

So, when the lust for certainty supplants all other drives in faith, Biblical interpretation is limited, church fellowship is narrowed and the world suffers because an inbred group of faith people refuse to bless them.  


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