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King Kong: A Movie Review May 30, 2006

Posted by fajita in Movie Reviews.

I finally got around to watching King Kong. So far as action and special effects, it rivals all movies claiming to be the best. When the giant worm ate the guy head first, that was amazing – and horrific. When the dinosaur stampede went on and on, that was great. Kong's facial expressions were priceless. The way Kong and the woman interacted, it worked for me.

That is the place where my praise ends. The story, the acting (some of it anyway), the ending, were weak at best. The absolute worst part of the movie was Jack Black's closing words. It was unbelievable in a hundred different ways. I know there was an effort to be tru to the original, but good grief, that was weak.

It was too long. I didn't see Kong until the film was an hour old. Come on! An hour into Alien, I've at least seen a little bit of Alien. An hour into Predator, I have seen at least a glimpse of the beast. An hour into Ghostbusters and I am seeing ghosts. Give me King earlier – and don't drag out the movie for 3 hours. That works with LOTR, but not Kong.

I will not watch it again unless it is with my kids when they are old enough to stomach giant worms with a hankering for human heads.  



1. Donna - May 30, 2006

Yep, they lost me, I actually went to sleep during the finale and I am usually an action/adventure fan…..

2. Karen - May 30, 2006

My 10yo son managed to watch the whole thing. Yeah, special effects were nice, but it’s no LOTR.

3. bek - May 31, 2006

yeah, i personally did not like the demonic tribe. you can have an evil tribe without being so spiritually dark.

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