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A Little Something June 2, 2006

Posted by fajita in A Little Something, Christianity, Civil Rights, Media, Philosophy/Religion, Race, TV.

African American Men from colonial days until now – a timeline.  (ht Black Prof)

non-church movement gaining steam in japan (ht Jonny Baker)

Wade Hodges is frustrated and needs a little something. Help him write his book.

And finally, who can tell me what TV show this qupte comes from? "That's just jibber babber."



1. John Alan Turner - June 4, 2006

I’m guessing you meant to type “jibber jabber”. It B.A. Barracus (aka Mr. T) from The A-Team.

2. fajita - June 4, 2006

Oops, yes, I meant “Jibber Jabber.”

And no, I wasn’t referring to B.A. Although I do not deny he said such things.

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