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My Health June 3, 2006

Posted by fajita in Exercise, family, Grief, Health, Weight Loss.

I went to the doctor the other day for a physical. He said everything looked good, for the most part, but blood tests would come in the next couple days. I told him about this cough I had at night and the weird sensation I had in my throat.

He figured I had acid reflux, even though I rarely feel anything in my throat. I am on Prevacid and the there is now no fried foods, chocolate, mint, and some other things I can't think of right now at night.

I got the blood results back today. Blood suagr is good, but my fears were confirmed. High cholesterol. SInce I am already exercising and it is still high, it looks like I will be needing some meds for it as well.

This is not a surprise, though it is a diappointment. My family has a history of this kind of thing. My cholesterol is actually hte lowest in my family, I believe, but still over 200.

I wanted to avoid this, but it looks like I will be headed to the doctor Monday to get some meds and a prescription.

I'm 36 years and I guess this is the time when I will begin accumulating ongoing meds. Does anyone know, do I qualify for Medicare part D? Ha, J/K.  



1. Terri - June 3, 2006

I started cholesterol meds at 39. I work out a lot… my level was 307. It’s now 180 ish… If it’s hereditary… you were going to get on it anyway. Yes, it’s expensive!

2. Carly - July 28, 2006

Yeah if its hereditary you were going to be put on the meds : ) I have high cholesterol and I am only 24 and I exercise for about 30 mins a day for 4 times a week and I watch what I eat and make sure you cut back on the fat. Keep us posted 🙂

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