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Church and State June 4, 2006

Posted by fajita in Christianity, emerging church/emergent, Philosophy/Religion, politics.

I wonder if the religious conservative church's political efforts are misguided. Certainly morality is something of value and is a part of the Christian ethical fabric, but is that worth fighting for through legislation?

I think that we live in a strange time when the government we (in the United States) live under actually has an ear for social justice and the concerns of the weak. This is not the case in most of history or most of the world. It seems that the church has a terrific opportunity to team with government to lift the poor, and weak, and broken.

However, some churches are more interested in being a Brotherhood Maintenance Organization or a Center For The Accumulation of Knowledge and Biblical Trivia or the Morality Patrol than they are caring for people in need.

Something is seriously wrong when a nation's government is more generous than that nation's churches.



1. Donna - June 4, 2006

To that last sentence I add a hearty “AMEN”

2. John Alan Turner - June 4, 2006

And yet — it isn’t really churches that are called to care for people in need. It is Christians who are called to care for people in need. Granted, churches are (generally) made up of Christians, but I wonder what would happen if more churches stopped operating like “big government” and started de-centralizing ministries — relying on individuals to do these works rather than hindering the work with unneccessary beaurocracy.

As if often the case governmentally, I imagine efficiency would go up and cost would go down.

3. fajita - June 4, 2006

Ah, yes. I think a church does best when their micorculture makes normal the initiatives of creative or willing people without much or any interference.

Churches should be places where it is easy to serve others.

4. justin mundie - June 4, 2006

I pretty much whole heartedly disagree with the governtment helping people. I think its fascism just the same as the “morality police” of the religious right. There is no difference in telling gay people they can’t marry or collecting exhorbitant taxes in order to redistribute wealth, which rather than actually helping the problem, tends to create more dependents than it does independents.

The government should be for defense, protection of individual rights, and disaster relief. And road construction (in some cases) We as christians should be the ones out there helping people because welfare and charity without relationship does more harm than good.

oh, btw I moved my blog to justinmundie.wordpress.com in case you wanted to update your blogroll.

5. fajita - June 5, 2006


I had a hunch you’d weigh in on this one. And, I will update my blogroll with the addition of a link to your new home.

6. justin mundie - June 5, 2006

am i that predictable?

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