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Imposing Grief June 17, 2006

Posted by fajita in family, Grief.

Grief adheres to no schedule, nor does it consider situation. It is not influenced by consequence and give little regard to convenience. Grief is a force that wills itself into and out of one's awareness upon its own whims.

A fool believes grief is controllable. Grief brings about unwanted reminders of loss with surprising persistence. Unpredictable and without warning come these reminders in the form of tears, anxiety, getting caught in a daze, intense daydreams, intruding thoughts, agonozing feelings of confusion, and whatever else it decides is necessary.

All grief really wants is permission. Since it is unstoppable, permission is not needed, but permission helps the grieved endure the grief thrust upon him. Resistence of grief is like resisting an ocean wave or the winds of the air. Resistence is absorbed into the force of the grief. It must be permitted.

Wisdom whispers, "grief is your friend," and it sounds like a demonic curse. But Wisdom never lies. Those who grieve best listen to Wisdom and relent.



1. Bill - June 18, 2006

I really needed these thoughts today. Thank you.

Your post made me think of the following: Matthew 11:19, “But the Son of Man goes around eating and drinking, and you say, “That man eats and drinks too much! He is even a friend of tax collectors and sinners.” Yet Wisdom is shown to be right by what it does.” (CEV)

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