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Psalm 6 Reloaded June 18, 2006

Posted by fajita in Bible/Meditations, Christianity, Post-restoration/Restoration Movement, Psalms Reloaded.

Psalm 6 Reloaded


Oh no! God, see, I know I’ve blown it. I really screwed up this time. I already know it. Please don’t get mad. Just worrying about it has been punishment enough. Disappointing you is my discipline.


I need mercy like a starving man needs food. Feed me. I’m so full of guilt that my skeleton is disintegrating inside my body. Let me off the hook. How long do I have to suffer with my guilt? I’ve paid the price. Forgive me.


I feel like I am about to die. I’m headed toward the cliff and I have no brakes. Stop me. Surely your love is bigger than my screw ups. What good does it do anyone if I die? When I’m dead I can’t praise you. You don’t see corpses lifting holy hands in the cemetery, do you? I really want to praise you.


I’m exhausted! I’ve been weeping for way too long. My bed looks like it’s been out in the rain I’ve cried so much. And when my bed was soaked, I moved to my couch and now it’s soaked, too.


I think my eyes are going bad for all the tears. Those haters are constantly on my back.


Just, just get away from me all of you who have nothing better to do than hate my guts. God’s coming. When I cry, He doesn’t just sit there. When He comes and sees it is you who hates me, look out! Get ready to eat your words. There is going to be egg on your face. You’re going to wish you’d never come my way.



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