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Father’s Day Redemption June 19, 2006

Posted by fajita in family.

Father's Day was good. I woke up at Brandon & Sheryl's house (which is the place where I went to sleep) and noticed a hand made Father's Day card. It was made by my 8 year old daughter. It was absolutely precious. It was the perfect match tot he card I received the day prior, from my son. Ther artwork, the words – ahhhhh the glory of fatherhood.

I needed it. I'd been having a hard time: tired, anxious, sad. I called my daughter into the bedroom and gave her a huge hug and tol her, "This is a keeper."

Well, later that day I needed to get back to Jonesboro. My wife and kids stayed in Nashville. We'll be apart for the week (Thusfar the house is not a wreck and I did not order pizza, nor did I watch Braveheart). Anyway, as I was hugging my kids and telling them good-bye, Sierra, my daughters asks me if I am taking hte keeper.


"You know, you said my card was a keeper, so are you keeping it?"

Her hopes were so high, she longed for it to really be true that the card she made was actually a keeper. Precious.

To me, I had spoken a figure of speech to her, but from her perspective there was certain literal truth much deeper and more meaningful than my figure of speech could have ever captured.

Then my son asked me if his was a keeper. His precious and innocent face, so vulnerable, so hoping – of course his was a keeper.

My kids trust me with their very lives, their souls, and their identities. Their innocence inspires me and gets me to thinking about how I relate to God. Is there anything I pour out to God that is a keeper? Oh I sure do hope so. I want God's approval like my kids want mine. Actually, I want to want that kind of longing for God.

God, teach me your ways.  


1. Terri - June 19, 2006

My mother found a post that I had written about my daddy in his sock drawer. She didn’t tell me which one but… I love that he thought it was a keeper. I didn’t even know he read my blog! She didn’t know he knew how to use the printer!!!

2. fajita - June 19, 2006

Now there’s something special. A keeper.

3. Jeanna (Beaner) - June 20, 2006

This blog’s a keeper!

4. dojo - June 20, 2006

Having our kids look at us like that makes it all worth while. I too hope that God wants to keep anything I pour out to him.

5. fajita - June 20, 2006

Thanks for the boost, you all.

6. TCS - June 20, 2006

I know that Sunday must have been a day of mixed emotions for you. Thanks for sharing it with us. Beaner stole what I was going to say. But maybe God has a sock drawer with blog entries that we will one day find.

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