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Psalm 7 Reloaded June 21, 2006

Posted by fajita in Bible/Meditations, Christianity, emerging church/emergent, Philosophy/Religion, Psalms Reloaded.

O my God, I need a place to hide. Hide me. They seek me. Protect me; I’m on the run. They are too much for me to fight off alone. Fierce, like a lion, they want to rip me to shreds. They would like nothing better than to corner me all by my self and devour me.


Come on God, if I have done anything to deserve this, if I have done the same evil that they want to do to me then let them have me. Do I seek out peaceful people only to destroy them? Do I go around stealing? If I do these things, then by all means, let them crush me for I deserve to be crushed.


But you know I haven’t done anything like that. So, come and fight for me. Flex your muscles right in their face and humiliate those who are trying to get me.


Stand up and show them how big you are, show them what happens when they make you mad. I’m nudging you, Lord, wake up, make a ruling. Gather everyone around you so that no one can say they have not heard you. Tell them the truth once and for all. Show them who is boss.


And show me who is boss as well. What I think you will find is that I am seeking to be good – good the way you see it. I invite you to look inside me. I am not so foolish as to ask you to look into the hearts and minds of my enemy without first looking into my heart and mind. I believe that when you search out the hearts and minds people, you will bring an end to the violence on earth and the violence done to me. You will make my insecurity something I talk about in past tense, memories of days long ago when I used to feel so afraid.


You are a brick wall all around me, and because you are there for me, I want to be everything you want me to be. Of all of the judges and people who make judgments, you are the only one who is actually fair. When you get mad, I know it is for a good reason. When you take out your anger, I know you aren’t just blowing off steam. You’re not an idiot; you know what you are doing. And when injustice gets out of control, you’re not afraid to make things right, even if it means taking some people out.


You look right through people! Not good news for those posers. You see that some of them have sin growing right inside of them, like they are pregnant, not with a precious baby, however but rahter with the essence of sin. When the troublesome sin is born, however, all of the promises sin offered are found out to be complete lies. But then there they are, having to deal with the consequences of the sin with nothing good to show for it. All the dreams and desires that they thought would be fulfilled now leave them empty, lonely, sad, and hopeless. All of their beliefs about the sin were merely illusions, and you can’t get love from an illusion. It’s like having a pet snake. Get to close and you’ll get bit. It’s like digging a hole and then forgetting where you dug it. Eventually, you’ll fall into it.


God, thanks. You’re good, and that’s more than I can say for this world. If I am going to sing the praises of anyone, it is going to be you. No one else deserves my praise. No one else has earned them. You are the only thing in this world that isn’t really crappy.



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